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Excellent Teamwork | Pride in Work | Long-term Relationships

We encourage people to 'Just go do it'.

Z&A is a people oriented company. We advocate freedom and openness at work. To us, openness at work means that everyone has the right to opinionate, question and debate over established norms. And that is how we derive our creativity!

However, we also believe that freedom at work is the freedom to change things but never at the cost of the result. Openness does not connote indiscipline or 'casualness' of attitude.

We give them an opportunity to deliver results at all costs. And we believe that nothing is more challenging and motivating to software professionals than seeing himself achieve results, despite tough schedules and deadlines

Apart from openness at work we also uphold.

The very nature of our work demands that we function effectively in teams. We encourage and reward excellent teamwork. It is not merely desirable but a requirement for our business.

At Z&A,

  • we work towards a long-term relationship with all of our employees.
  • We work towards building relationships that are interdependent.
  • We work towards building pride in ourselves.
  • We own and take pride in what we produce and the quality of the work we do, whether it is producing code, designing applications, greeting a customers or even simply answering a telephone call.
  • Pride in work means ensuring that time is not wasted in reconstructing prior efforts.

Job Opportunities at Z&A INC.

Multiple openings available for the following position in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey, and unanticipated client locations throughout the U.S.:


Lead and participate in the implementation of enterprise Storage technologies and platforms. Install, configure and maintain Storage and Backup systems as required to support client business needs including SAN, NAS, Backup, and other data storage platforms. Develop and maintain automated procedures and technical documentation for system implementation, auditing, and software distribution. Tune large-scale infrastructure to provide consistent performance and overcome latency issues. Perform Storage, Server capacity planning, management and reporting functions through Perl Automation. Work through data center migration assessment, planning, building roadmap, runbook with automation scripts to migrate large-scale storage infrastructure. Travel and relocation possible to unanticipated client locations throughout the U.S.


Gather data for business analysis and develop solutions and/or alternative methods of proceeding. Identify technical and project requirements for business analysis. Coordinate with software engineering teams to design and implement business process improvement strategies. Participate in ongoing business development efforts and implementation.


Gather data from clients and prepare software requirements and specifications, prepare flow charts. Develop and write computer programs. Work from detailed specs, provide design, test, debug and implement enterprise software applications. Modify existing software to correct erros, or to improve its performance. Full life cycle development. Interface with users on technical issues relating to computer programs. Participate in system and database meetings to develop modules and projects.

For all positions please mail resume, salary history and position applied for to :

Attn: HR Dept.
7 East Frederick Place, Suite 700, Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927.
Tel: 973-299-3900, Fax: 973-971-0209, Email: info@znainc.com